Advantages Of E-Commerce

Advantages Of E-Commerce

When did you last shop online ?

Here are a few advantages of E-Commerce…


Physical Location

If you have a physical store, you are limited to your immediate area. With E-Commerce the worlds population is your potential customer.

Lower Costs

This is one of the major benefits.You can forget about paying for your location. In recent times , I have heard of some crazy costs to be at the local mall. These are unbelievable. Staff … with E-Commerce, there is no need to be paying wages.

The Search Engine

If a customer searches for one of your products, there’s a chance they could end up on your E-Commerce page. Google is the place to go, whether it be searching for that product/service or finding an answer to your questions.


There is no need to wander through the store to find what you want. An online shop can include many different products. This can be done from the comfort of your home.


A customer can do all their shopping from the comfort of their home. Shipping costs can be very low, if not free.

Best Prices

E-Commerce can show us the same product from many businesses. This gives us the chance to find the best prices and get the best deal. For example, whats the difference between Amazon and Ebay ?


All your products can have good information about what they are and how they work. This can also include some good testimonials.

E -Commerce :Open 24/7

E-Commerce is open 24 hours , 365 days a year. Retail hours continue to increase. There is no need to be paying for someone on the check-out.

Create a Niche

Look for a product that is in demand but is not so heavily in the market. Form a customer base so that your customers return again and again for your products.


So, it seems that the ball is really in

the court of E-Commerce.



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