Why Affiliate Marketing ?

affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is something that continues to grow and move forward. When put together with Blogging, it’s an exciting way to create an income. If you are a Blogger, then you just have to continue writing good content. You can then place some affiliate links in place and your on your way. But, it’s important to put affiliate links in the correct places. They need to be the right kind of offers and there shouldn’t be too many.

If you have a blog, what sort is it ? Most blogs are either based around ones interested, passions or about general Online Business. So,what are your readers looking for ? What proposals would they consider ?

Have you ever done a blog post about a product ? Maybe you have done a review ? Maybe you read a good book. There is prime example of a place to place affiliate links.If you look at a post of mine from few weeks ago, my topic was Email Marketing. I have done several posts on this topic. It’s a big topic !!

In these posts, I have placed affiliate links towards two of the big players in Email Marketing.  Aweber & GetResponse. I use Aweber.

I like Affiliate Marketing.It’s  so simple to do, and it’s completely free. You are not facing monthly bills like MLM / Network Marketing.

You can continue to write about what you write about. If you aren’t participating in affiliate marketing, I challenge  you to get started. Do some research and find some products or services that match your blog.

How would you like to be getting paid monthly from your affiliate marketing ?

If you direct someone towards a service with your affiliate link, this will result in Passive Income. It’s about doing something once and getting paid again and again.

There is something for everyone, whether you are selling a digital product or socks.
The world is truly online with shopping, more and more everyday…the shops on the main drag are feeling it.

There are people out there making a full time income affiliate marketing. I am not there
yet but I intend to get there. What about you ?

To Your Success

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