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by Ibrahim Dahy

With tons of methods being advertised online on how to make money online, only few of them can live up to your expectations as truly legit and attainable.

Affiliate marketing is one of those money making methods that can bring you actual profits in a relatively short time.

Becoming one of those affiliates that generate passive income require learning the basic skills to launch an online business in general and other affiliate marketing specific skills.


Pick your Niche First

This affiliate marketing course like any other one you will find online will focus on the techniques and actionable steps to find the most profitable niche for you.

For me, the most fun part in affiliate marketing is to browse through various niches and find the one that you like the most.

But apart from the fun you will have to face facts. Not all niches are profitable!

Your niche will affect everything from what products you are going to promote to how much money you will make from your affiliate commission.

Many affiliate marketers fail to grasp the importance of niche finding in affiliate marketing and some of them end up failing to register a single sale due to bad niche choice.

Some of the factors you need to take into account when picking your niche are:

  • Niche Size
  • Niche Segmentation
  • Niche Reputation

The size of your niche reflects directly on how big the customer base is, so if your niche has say 5000 monthly searches for it then you won’t make more than 5K sales.

But nobody make sales from every person in the niche so if you managed to get sales from 1% of the market then you are doing a great job.


Every niche is divided into sub niches or segments, big niches especially have hundreds of segments in them.

And in this affiliate marketing course I want to show you how segmentation is so valuable, because not every course or training will focus on the benefits of segmentation.

The reason why you need to segment your niche is because there are different set of products in every segment and doing affiliate marketing for segments will help you narrow down your affiliate competition.

For example, if we are to segment the weight loss niche it will look like this:


Niche segmentation also means there are more keywords being searched in Google, and if you are using SEO to promote your affiliate products then you will feel the effect of that.

The reputation of the niche can affect how willing people are to buy a product. With low quality products hurting entire niches you need to be careful about your choice of the niche.

Some well known niches with low reputations are:

  • Make money online
  • Gambling
  • Adult Industry

Also bad reputation niches will make it harder for you to run paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and Twitter because they have an approval process before accepting your ad.

In fact, I once got my Twitter ads account banned because I didn’t realize how strict they are with their policy and the types of products you are promoting.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t promote affiliate products in these niches, but you have to be more careful about how you will run your affiliate marketing campaign in these niches.


Finding Affiliate Products to Promote

At the end of the day, your affiliate product is what going to make you money and by becoming an affiliate for any product you have the same responsibility as the owner himself in terms of how you are going to advertise it.

Many people rush to find high priced products so they can get as much affiliate commission as possible.

But this affiliate marketing course is all about showing you the right way to do affiliate marketing.

With that said, you need to put aside your affiliate greed for a second and start to pick your affiliate products the smart way.

You need to ask yourself some questions before judging the profitability of your affiliate product:

  1. Is the product well received?
  2. How much affiliate commission I will get?
  3. How tough is the affiliate competition?

Answering those questions requires you to do some research first, and in this affiliate marketing course I am going to show you how to do just that.

You can easily know how a product is received among its current customers by checking out the forums and trying to find if there is any testimonials there (good or bad).

Open and do a search for “PRODUCT inurl:forum”


There is no product with 100% satisfaction rate, but products with more positive testimonials tend to be of higher quality.

Another thing to look for when you are reading those forum threads is to check if there are any customer support complaints. Because if the product has a solid and prompted customer support then it can make up for most of its flaws.

Many beginner affiliate marketers usually get excited about a high product price without realizing that they are only paid a percentage of that price which is being set by the product owner.

While there are many generous affiliate commissions out there that can rack up to 75%, some are less generous and offer commissions as low as 4%

Amazon is known to have low affiliate commissions that start at 4% and up to 10% (for certain products only).

So your goal is to find out how much the product owner is willing to give you for your affiliate marketing efforts.

Most products will list the affiliate commission on their affiliate page:



How tough the affiliate competition for your product will affect the volume of sales you can make yourself, because your product review page will not be the only one trying to sell the product.

Since most affiliate marketers will sell products from a review page and look to attract organic traffic to their pages, you can search Google for “PRODUCTNAME review” and see if there are any affiliates reviewing and selling the product.





More reviews means more affiliates are selling the product and this leads to tougher competition for you.


Other Actionable Steps You Need to Take

We have covered in this affiliate marketing course the basic skills and steps to get your affiliate website started.

Other skills you need to improve to make your affiliate website profitable are:

  • Learn how to get traffic
  • How to write product reviews
  • How to establish yourself as an authority in your niche

If you decided to commit to a more complete affiliate marketing course (this is a good one), then you need to find the one that can cover as much affiliate marketing aspects as possible.

And if your affiliate marketing training can offer you tools then that could help you do the more technical aspects of affiliate marketing with ease (like web design tools).


  1. Daniel Rowlands on May 18, 2017 at 5:48 am

    I am very new to this industry, I like this blog and appreciate the simple advice.
    Other than a few ideas, I still have not got a niche but welcome the opportunity to learn as best I can.

    • Bryce on May 18, 2017 at 8:32 am

      I still have alot to learn as well. All the best with what sounds like a new venture.

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