Are You A Salesperson ?

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 Are you a salesperson ?

Do you like to be sold to ? I very much doubt it. In a way selling ended a long time ago. Everyone wants to own a house and car. But, no one wants to be sold to either. No one likes a pushy salesperson.

So, if you are a Salesperson, Entrepreneur or Business Owner, it’s good to first ask a prospect what they want. How can you help them ? Get to know them.. Where are they  with different parts of their business & life ? Once you have had a chat , you’ll be able to help them alot better. You may then understand where they are and where they want to be.
Yes, you could go straight into telling the prospect what you have and what it will cost. But, that’s pretty “Salesy”.

When you ask the right questions, you then have an understanding of what they need, instead of telling them what you have. When you become good at this, prospects should feel more comfortable talking about their situation, etc.
When you achieve a connection like this, you can then ask questions.

  • Where are they now ?
  • Where they what to be , their desires ?
  • What has been getting in their way of of achieving what they want ?

Tell them how you can help them out to get there.

They want a solution. Once you have this, tell them what it is and why. This doesn’t always mean they will work with you. Perhaps they would be better to work with someone else you know. If you can help them, you need to tell them how. Your solution is for them and no one else.

Is there a “business you” and a “real you” ? If so, that is something you should try and get rid of. It is good to brand yourself, show people who you are. This way they are more likely to work with you. They can trust you. Social Media is in most of our lives these days, so some may research you.

So, there is no need to be a salesperson. Look to solve a prospects problems, help them find success. Communication is a key part. Ask the right questions and provide the right information. This will help your prospect come back and work with you again.

Maybe they will tell others as well !!


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