Blogging…..It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint



So, do you have your own blog ?

When starting out blogging ,one has to remember that good things take time.You are not going to have thousands of readers overnight.Some of the figures people speak of puzzle me.It seems hard to believe that anyone has hundreds of thousands of viewers per month, even ten thousands per month.  Many people only see blogging as a hobby which it can be, but it could also be so much more. Once again this takes time and hard work.

Most of the people that look at your blog may not go any further. If they decide to read a post, there’s a big chance that they won’t read the whole thing. So, how can you entice them to read the full article ?

I have read so many times that it’s very important to write like you talk. Write like you’re having a conversation. There’s no need to try and be technical and use big words. You want it to be easy reading, and writing like this is so much easier. I use voice typing that really works well for me. As I talk, it all ends up in Google Docs.

Do you think people care about you as a writer?  It may sound harsh, but when you first start out, it’s your job to get people interested in what you have to say. Your articles need to be interesting.



You need to include some personality in your blog as well.  If people become frequent readers, then they may feel like they know you. This will only increase the longer they read.

Many bloggers topics are far too broad. So, what is your blog about? What subjects do you focus on ? I have sometimes wondered whether I blog to broadly. I mostly write about home business, social media, and sometimes I look at things going on around the world.

The title of a post is something you need to think about. If someone reads your title, are they going to be interested in the article ? Are they going to say to themselves “hmm, I wonder what that’s about , I want to know more “

Posts are much more effective when they have images, videos and content that is easy to share. For example, every post should have vertical images. These are the best type to be shared on Pinterest. Pinterest is a lot more effective than many people realise. Do you have a Pinterest account? It is very much where many people now search for information.

It may sound like something that most people would do, but editing your post is very important. No post is going to be perfect, but the simple stuff needs to be correct. Any spelling mistakes ? Do all of the sentences make sense ?

We all should post consistently as well.  If you gain subscribers,   they should stay with you if you post consistently. Perhaps once a week as a good goal. Yes, it may seem like a great effort if you were to post 5 times during a week, but that could lead people to get sick of your blog. Personally, I aim for once a week.

So I hope some of that helps you with your blogging. As I said, I still have many things to improve on with my blog. But ,the most important thing to do is keep going. Don’t quit. I have been going for over 2 years now, and improvements continue to be made.

To Your Success,

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  1. Marya on November 13, 2017 at 5:28 am

    I gotta agree on this one. All mentioned here are just so true. I just decided my blog with my current niche earlier this year and despite I read all over places that I need to do this and that, I was focusing more on the content and personalize it so that people can feel my character while reading it. Well, my visitor is not exactly thousands, but it’s increasing compared to when I started my blog. 🙂

    • Bryce on November 13, 2017 at 5:52 am

      Thanks Marya
      All the best with your blog !!:)

  2. Tom on March 6, 2018 at 10:57 pm

    Some great advice here, especially on the vertical images. Sadly many are overdoing them and making their sites hard to consume!

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