Book Review – ” Expert Secrets” By Russell Brunson

Do you enjoy reading? Personally, I am not much of a reader. I never read fiction. But, if it’s a book relating to motivation, success, or some sort of life lessons such as finance/money, then I’m keen. I am currently halfway through “Expert Secrets” by Russell Brunson. In Expert Secrets, Russell talks about how we are all experts in one way or another. We all have knowledge that can be of benefit to someone. So, is there a way that you can turn that knowledge into business? The first half of Expert Secrets has been very exciting. I can now very much see how I have the ability to help others. The way I see me doing this is through my experience with Epilepsy. You may ask how? Well, Epilepsy has taught me many lessons. Epilepsy got me on my path to success. . Because of Epilepsy, I have had to in some ways live outside the box. The way I’ve done things has been different to most people. Most go and get an education, find a career and work 9 – 5. In some ways, I wish that had been my story as well. But due to Epilepsy, I have had to find another way to do things. That’s where I have come to work for myself, to be a stay at home father and to be very determined to be successful. So, I feel that I can tell a message that has benefit to other people that are or have been in the same situation as myself.

Expert Secrets has made me realize that I can do this and has given me more confidence. I really feel there are people out there that need to be reassured that they can be successful. If I am able to come across as someone who’s turned Epilepsy into motivation, then I’m sure other people will be able to look at getting on the same track.

This is the second book of Russel Branson’s I have read. The first was called DotCom Secrets.I really enjoyed this book too. It takes you through some of the processes that have been used to scale up companies online.

So, I’d highly recommend both these books. Expert Secrets was released earlier this year. It is completely free, there is just a small shipping fee. If you order Expert Secrets and then decide it wasn’t really for you, you can request a refund of that shipping fee and keep the book …….

So, order “Expert Secrets”, you have nothing to lose !!

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