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In  New Zealand, we are currently in election mode. It’s just over 2 weeks until we will be placing our votes for our government. So, what are our politicians currently talking about ?  Houses, Education, Crime,  Incomes, Tax and Poverty. There is talk of many people in New Zealand living in poverty. This is something that angers me. Why you may ask  ? Well, what is actually meant by poverty ?  There is talk of families who can’t simply afford to pay for their meals. There is talk of some children who don’t eat breakfast each morning or don’t take a sufficient lunch to school. It may sound harsh, but I disagree with this.Personally, I feel if many people’s bank accounts were looked into, it would be possible to save money every week. Where and how are these families spending their money ? Is any money going towards the likes of takeaways, alcohol and cigarettes ?

It bugs me how many successful people seem to be looked at as the culprits for some of our issues. Many people seem to think that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. This may be the case for some. But one must remember that these people are successful, and most likely have a good income because of the work they have put in. They never seem to get recognition for this. They always just seem to be looked  upon as culprits.

One of the major election issues at the moment is home ownership. As it has been in other countries, house prices have risen hugely over the last 3 to 4 years. So, it is now very difficult for people to purchase their first home.  In New Zealand’s biggest city, Auckland,  you pretty much need 1 million dollars to purchase a home. There are many other places to live besides Auckland though. I would never want to live in Auckland myself. It is very much over populated, and has big transport issues. Auckland has about a quarter of New Zealand’s population, which is currently 4.7 million. 


I am a fan of our current government, but one thing I disagree with is the number of immigrants New Zealand is taking on. Over the last 12 months we have had about 70,000 immigrants. We do need a lot of these people for our growing economy, but if these people are going to join us, then they need a home. The government is currently building more houses than have been built in about the last 40 years, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

As time goes by, many seem to think that more and more of our lives is the government responsibility. I highly disagree with this. It’s up to us to save for our first home, look after our children and pay our bills. Money is something that needs to be thought about when we make our decisions. If you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t be doing it.  Finance is something that needs to be taught more during years at school. Many don’t realise that if you have $10 and you spend $10, it’s gone.

I really do feel many more people could save a lot more. Many families out there that have two incomes could be putting one away every month. This could lead to purchase of a first home.

So, the sooner election day comes the better. Celebrity politics has very much arrived here, just like it recently had a big effect in the U.S.  It’s pretty sad when people are not looking at policy. Instead they are just voting for the leader of a party. There is alot more to a possible government than a leader.

Bring on the 23rd.  I’m ready to place my vote !!

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