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Recently , I heard that in New Zealand only 50% of businesses have an online presence.I found that very hard to believe. It’s a lot easier to jump on the computer than reach for the phone book, and even if I do, I still like to find a website. Net Advertising is becoming the most popular and the one that makes the most sense. These days almost every company needs to have an Online Presence, and if a website doesn’t stand out in a crowded market, you won’t sell, or your business won’t be as successful as it could be. As more and more companies jump on to the net, this rapidly growing trend has spun 2 online revolutions:

On-line promoting, especially search engine optimization and pay-per-click campaigns, is giving traditional offline advertising a run for its money.If you don’t play your online marketing cards right, you stand to lose out on a large global market that’s within your reach.
A growing number of web selling companies are starting to compete for a share of the massive and rapidly growing on-line marketing industry.How you reach your web selling campaign depends on how you choose your on-line marketing company.
Advertisers are increasingly preferring online media over offline media for their advertising and marketing campaigns. The phenomenal success of Google is proof of a clear shift from ancient advertising towards on-line media. For example, Google and Yahoo’s pay per click (PPC) campaigns are turning into the popular selling mediums for advertisers, who are currently setting aside at least half of their selling budgets for online marketing.Google has rewritten the foundations of advertising. Different leading search engines like Yahoo and MSN are coming up with innovative methods and technologies to create it easier for users to find what they are looking for. With competition hotting up between the search engines, companies that have an on-line presence are competing against each other to gain maximum visibility in these search engines. The result is that net marketing has moved on from having just static websites to highly specialized and competitive strategies and internet 2.0 technologies such as search engine optimization, PPC campaigns, viral promoting, social networking, web advertising, tagging, blogging, wikis, and more. Online media has definite benefits. On-line media has some definite advantages over offline media in terms of price, reach, interactivity, targeting the right markets and measuring responses. As an example, pay per click campaigns offer the foremost qualified leads and are proven to own highest sales conversion rate. There are several techniques of search engine promotion like SEO, PPC, Banner Exchange, Link Building, and so on. When thinking Social Media , have you been on Facebook today ? Probably !!
That’s why every business should be there too.

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