Change Of The New Zealand Flag

New Zealand Flag

Here is a question for you ?

Do you love your countries flag ?

Do you feel a sense of pride when you look at it ? Why do I ask these questions ?

Well, in case you don’t know, I’m a Kiwi ( New Zealander ).
New Zealand is currently considering changing our flag.  The flags above are going to be narrowed down to a list of 4. Then late this year, there will be a referendum on which of the 4 flags should go up against our current flag in the next referendum, to be held in April 2016.

Should we be changing our flag ?
Some of the public are very much against a change in flag. One of the main reasons in peoples thinking is that a change in flag is forgetting the Men and Woman who went to war and died under our current flag . But, did they fight for a flag, or for our freedom ?
Yes, we should be grateful for what these Men and Woman did, but we can’t afford to live in the past. We need to think about the future. Several countries have changed their flag, one being Canada. This happened in 1965.

New Zealand’s flag often gets confused with Australia’s. This is very sad. They are pretty much the same. The only difference is one star.

New Zealand Flag

Australian Flag

People are also anti flag change because the referendum is predicted to cost $26 million.

So, should we have a change of flag ?  Yes, I think so. Our flag needs to be recognized when it’s flying next to any other flag from anywhere in the world. Most New Zealanders aren’t passionate about our flag. The Silverfern is something we are more passionate about. The Silver Fern is a symbol most of our sport teams wear.

Changing flag increases business. New Zealand’s second biggest earner is Tourism , and to be promoted overseas New Zealand needs a flag that can be recognized around the world. Many people think New Zealand and Australia are one Nation .. somehow. I have also spoken to people who don’t know where New Zealand is.

One must remember , that the Southern Hemisphere is ahead the rest of the world !! …… When it comes to time 🙂

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, in the YouTube video below gives some reasons to change the flag. When this featured on Facebook recently, there were many people who said he gave many good reasons which perhaps changed their mind towards supporting a change in flag.




Here Are My Two Favourite Designs – As you can see the two designs below feature a fern. This goes back to New Zealand’s Silver Fern. We are past our flag featuring the Union Jack. Yes, we are still a Commonwealth country , but there are many Commonwealth countries whose flags don’t feature the Union Jack.

fyutf nice flag

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