Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

sweat the smallDon’t Sweat The Small Stuff is very much true and something you realize once you reach adulthood, and also when have children of your own.Looking back at my teenage years, those years when I stressed over so much, I now think “WHAT A JOKE” !! or “HOW SILLY “.
I used the bus service a while ago and it was 75% full of High School Boys

Talk about noise !! Most of the noise was directed at a very small boy standing at the front of the bus.Due to the situation, I offered him a seat next to me. He turned me down because he was about to get off.
Practically everyone on the bus was making fun of him, teasing him.
He jumped off the bus, ran down the street and up his driveway.I really wanted to tell the bus load of boys to give him a break, to be quiet.One day these boys will realize that this sort of behavior is so pointless, but I guess it’s part of growing up.It’s also about the ones been teased, bullied, to “Not Sweat The Small Stuff”. You have to develop a rock solid mentality. That is a very hard thing to do at a young age.If only a 15 yr old could be thinking like someone more than twice their age, for just this reason.You need to be thinking…


-Who cares what clothes/shoes I wear
-Who cares where I live
-It doesn’t matter what kind of car Mum/Dad drive or what they do.


But, as a teenager, it is very hard to think like that.But, once you reach 30, it’s all so simple, everything makes sense.There’s no sweating the small stuff.
I look back at my teenage years and think trying to be “cool” and all the rest of it is so silly. It’s such a waste of time.I would love to tell my kids this as they grow up.I will do my best very carefully. But we have to remember that they need to be accepted socially as well.When I think of myself these days at the age of 34, all that matters to me are my family.I don’t worry to much what people think of me.I am happy with myself, my life and where I am headed.People can have their own opinion, but most of the time they don’t even know the full story.
We sometimes overreact and blow things out of proportion. Many only see the negative side of life. Some easily loose sight of the BIGGER picture.

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