E-Commerce……….As Powerful As A T-Rex

t-rex ecommerce

In 2017 online shopping is going crazy. Amazon gets bigger and bigger. Consumers have the opportunity  & convenience that online shopping provides. It’s easy to research products and businesses to find whatever you are after. It’s now safe to trust reviews  of other shoppers, and use these to direct you to your next purchase.

How much do you enjoy a package arriving on your front door ?  It’s a great feeling,  pretty exciting when we know something’s about to arrive.  Maybe it feels like Santa Claus is about to arrive no matter what time of the year it is .

Today less than 10% of people have not shopped online. We are buying everything online from clothing, jewellery to toys. Price differences are unbelievable when you look  online.  For example,  you can find the likes of a woman’s watch on Aliexpress for $0.10.  There’s nothing wrong with the product either. So, think of the opportunities that this can create for the businessman.

     Just recently, I was after some batteries for my home phone.  I looked towards the retailers and the well knowing brands. What I was looking for was priced at 20 to $25.  So I went online, and I managed to find what was required for  $3.75.  Bit of a price difference don’t you think ?

Online shopping is easy to do because you can do it in your pyjamas. It suits the young and the old. You don’t need to be grabbing your car keys or filling up with gas.

Most people out there have a Facebook account. So everybody spends some time in front of the computer or looking at a mobile.We do spend too much time looking at our phones. It’s gotten to the point where it’s hurting  our bodies. Too much time looking down. Not the best to be doing when driving or at a pedestrian crossing.

By the way, today the  iPhone  X  has been released. Are you keen for one ? Sounds like a nice idea but a pretty expensive one,and how many of those features would you really use ?

Every business in the street needs some sort of website and if they don’t have one then they are mad. Everyone needs to now be promoting online to compete with the next business in the street as well as eCommerce.


So, how would you like some of the huge eCommerce pie ? Well, take a look at a Free Course which shows steps to develop a successful eCommerce business.


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  1. Michelle on September 13, 2017 at 2:26 am

    Yes! I have found that e-commerce has boosted by business waaaay more than the old school way of making endless photo albums on a Facebook page with no real place to send people to coveniently and securely shop! Good post!!!

  2. Danie on September 13, 2017 at 2:31 am

    This is very true, I shop online constantly. I bookmarked this page so when I have something to sell to customers I will be signing up for your course!

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