E – Commerce . A rising tide sales all ships





E – Commerce …… A rising tide sales all ships…

So, E-Commerce – how exciting.

Did you know that Amazon stock is up 1500% since 2008….and it’s growing everyday. Amazon is twice as big as this time last year.
It’s not just Amazon, it’s everything in E-Commerce.

A rising tide raises all ships, so it’s the perfect time to get started.

We often here about retail decreasing, and many consumers are looking for unique, personal and trendy products.

So, how about find a supplier for these products and work out a good deal.


Even though it’s very exciting, it’s best to just take baby steps. Don’t miss any steps. No need for overthinking.

Here are a few myths about E- Commerce ….

– There is to much competition to get started.

–You need alot of $$$$ to get started. Forget about $10,000. Think more of $200 – 300.

-You have to handle all your own shipping and inventory.

-You have to travel overseas to get the best deals.

-You have to be in the U.S to be successful. I live in New Zealand. Do you know where that is ? 🙂

-Importing is risky.

The great thing about E-Commerce is it’s about buying products. Some businesses are about advertising. Imagine buying $100 of advertising and getting nowhere.

So, here are a few steps towards success.

– Find a killer product.

-Negotiate lower prices.

-Order samples.
So, what are good things to be shipping ?

You want things that are small and easy to ship. Forget breakable products. Seasonal things aren’t the best idea either.

We need good profit margins. A good thing to aim for is 100% margins, so stay away from small mark up. If you are buying $10 products , selling for $30 should be your goal.

If you are looking for a place to start, take a look at INFINii. INFINii has all the training required. There is also a chance to introduce others, but that is up to you.

Get in touch with me for more details.

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