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Electrical Car


A few nights ago  ( very late ), I watched the second half of  60 Minutes  ( TV Show ) .  This was about a man, Elon Musk. He’s the one behind Electrical Cars, company name – Telsa. It is very exciting. It sounds like he has had goals and ideas in the past which many people have thought were crazy. The price for these Electrical Cars is about $75,000, but he said they hope to get that down to $35,000 in the near future. If this is achieved , this would be a huge step forward . $35,000 is very affordable for some when shopping for a never been used vehicle .

There is so much focus on the likes of Global Warming. That is understandable. Some seem to think it can be improved overnight . I think that’s a bit unrealistic.

Here in New Zealand there is alot of attention on the Dairy Industry. It is New Zealand’s biggest earner, but does effect the environment in ways such as Water Pollution and Green House Gases . Yes, these things need to be looked at. They have been and Dairy Farmers have made big changes because of this.

Back to these Cars. Imagine if we get to a stage that all Cars are Electrical. On 60 Minutes, they drove one of these Electrical Cars which did 400 km per charge. It took about 15 minutes to charge which was free. That’s not to bad. these figures are only going to get better.


Getting to Mars was also spoken about on 60 Minutes. Mr Musk has a space program and has made big steps. This is called SpaceX.  He spoke of people living on Mars. He mentioned people paying $500,000 to go. This would also include a flight back. That seems so cheap.. cheap to other prices that have been mentioned for Space Travel.

Mr Musk was also part of getting Paypal to where it is today. So, who knows what he will come up with next. 🙂




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