Finding The Sweet Spot

Guest Post by Kuhiwa Erwin


The sweet spot. That often elusive career sweet spot. How does one find it? Does that light bulb moment just hit all of a sudden and *wham* you discover the perfect career or home business? For some…maybe. For others, like me, it is a long process.

Max Lucado in his book Cure for the Common Life refers to the “sweet spot” as that convergence of your everyday life, God’s glory and our strengths. Where you “use your uniqueness (what you do) to make a big deal out of God (why you do it) every day of your life (where you do it).”

So for the past ten years I have been on that journey of discovering exactly what my sweet spot is.


sweet spot


I tried numerous home based businesses when I realized that was my “where” but my “what” and “why” just kept not lining up or fitting well. When I did try something I loved such as interior designing I would find myself in the wrong place in order to bring in a decent income (small country towns are not the most fertile grounds for such careers). I loved one network marketing business I was teamed up with because of the awesome health products (which we still use) and the relationships (which I still cherish) but it still wasn’t clicking and I knew I wasn’t yet in my sweet spot. It moved me closer and was a God-send at the time, but it was only for a season of my life. As I tried different things I learned new invaluable lessons that helped me narrow down the areas I liked and didn’t like in running my own business. I began writing those “take-aways” down and then being more careful and deliberate in my business choices.

Here are a few of my personal must-haves:

  • 1. The Lord has to be first and foremost
  • 2. Relationships are more important to me than anything monetary
  • 3. I want to leave a lasting impression on people and brighten their lives
  • 4. I want a one time purchase kind of deal instead of a monthly recurring membership (This is just my personal preference after trying a few, though they do work and I do use the products of two companies still that use that model.)
  • 5. I do not want to constantly be tied to my phone
  • 6. Customer service is my biggest pet peeve so I want to have the best
  • 7. It cannot disconnect me from my family even while working in the home
  • 8. It has to be something I love doing and a stress-reliever not something that added extra stress
  • 9. It needed to be able to (in time) become a sustainable and consistent income
  • 10. It needed to be flexible with any moves and not tied to a specific location; thus, preferably online based That seems like a dream reality but I knew if it were to be my sweet spot it needed to have all of those areas met. Truthfully I believed I never would find my sweet spot. Then… We had a baby. A very, very happy but social and active baby that began to drain me.

sweet spot

I needed an outlet, something that revived and energized me. I always loved to create but there were only so many projects I could do. One day I decided to try my hand at a watercolor painting in the foyer that I needed rather than going out to buy one especially since we were trying to save money. It was the most relaxing thing I had done in a long time. So…I began painting a few other things for fun.




Before I knew it, I was getting some custom requests. Whenever my son was napping I would paint when I needed an infusing of life. And as I painted my sweet spot began to reveal itself.




Never did I think anybody would want my paintings or even like them but more and more opportunities are opening up and now I have requests for children’s book illustrations.



Everything on my checklist is marked (or in the process of being marked) and I am amazed that something so simple was the answer to this long journey! The Lord was preparing me all these years for this time so that I could fly and see the combination of my skills and interests all come together through my ministry in blogging, painting, and teaching and it excites me to see what else He will show me in the coming years! I recently posted this on Facebook as an encouragement to others in the same boat which I hope encourages you:


pic7 pic8


(This is not my artwork but I hope to paint something soon with this quote!) To see more of my work, stop by my shop at and you can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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