Free Cashback & Shopping Points = Lyoness

So…Lyoness. It’s pretty simple.

Show your Lyoness Membership Card or the barcode on your mobile phone app at the counter of any Lyoness Loyalty Merchant when you purchase your product or service and you will receive your Cashback and Shopping Points. Simply use it as you would any other loyalty card. Lyoness is global – 46 countries and more coming on board. Your card is free and your mobile phone app is free. Download the Lyoness Mobile App through playstore (Android) or App store (Apple). You can find Lyoness Merchants by filtering your search towards any country and area.There are currently around 5 million members globally, with numbers increasing everyday.This is a collaborative means of developing an additional income stream for businesses (and for families) between businesses and members.  Refer the card to others and businesses will compensate you with a percentage of the purchase. Use the card to shop, if you own a business and are looking for ways to keep your current customers, attract new customers, increase productivity and create an extra income stream, then this is the loyalty card for you. Lyoness Mastercard is on the way, which is very exciting.

To find out more or you would like to register for a card, please contact me.



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