Grab A Lyoness Card……It’s Free

Lyoness New Zealand

Yes……. that’s right, a Lyoness Card is free.

Let’s look at what Lyoness can do for a business.

Every year, many dollars are spent on marketing and retaining customers.
Purchases are made 24 hours a day.

A businesses wants to

– Retain customers
-Gain new customers
-Reduce costs
-Increase sales
-Generate additional income
-Be successful

Would you like to offer attractive added value without making a large investment?
Would you like to lower your marketing expenses and still be able to market your business successfully?

What do you receive when your customers spend money at your competitors ?

You can register your customers with Lyoness, then you will not only benefit from the purchases made at your business but also from the purchases at other Lyoness Loyalty Merchants – even if these are your competitors! You can introduce Lyoness to other merchants, and they can do the same. Lyoness is global…in over 40 countries.

People prefer to shop where they are receiving Shopping Benefits. They will shop more often and spend more money than at a regular merchant.

Let me share some of the benefits of Lyoness for your customers.


The Member ( cardholder) receives up to 5% of the purchase price as Cashback with every purchase he/she makes at  Lyoness Loyalty Merchants. These can of course also be online businesses. The Cashback will be transferred to the Member’s bank account or their Prepaid Lyoness Mastercard.


The Member accumulates Shopping Points (SP) with every purchase she/he makes at Lyoness Loyalty Merchants.These Shopping Points can be redeemed for Shopping Point Deals and discounts at the Loyalty Mall.


If a member is excited about the benefits of Lyoness, he/she can recommend them to friends and family. A Member has the opportunity to earn up to 0.5 % Direct Friendship Bonus as well as up to 0.5% Indirect Friendship Bonus.


So,  Lyoness is very exciting. Take a look and see how useful it currently is where you live. Go ahead and get a Lyoness card. It’s completely FREE !!

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