Happiness …Not Something That Can Be Brought.





I’m sure you would have heard the term – “Money doesn’t buy you happiness” . Have you ?
I have never really 100 % completely agreed with that. Money may not buy you happiness, but it does buy you piece of mind. Piece of mind that you’ll be able to make those mortgage payments…. pay the bills. If you have a good steady income , you can relax a bit more. When money is an issue, that issue can always be on your mind. Saying from experience , it’s not alot of fun.

Often, the people who say “Money can’t buy you happiness” are either extremely wealthy or live in poverty. Many who say this while extremely wealthy have a crazy lifestyle. Think of the Rock & Movie Stars. Perhaps they have had a drug or alcohol problem and been married 3 times. One of the reasons that they find themselves in these situations is money…having too much of it. They have had all the luxury in the world without an inch of financial worry.

Are the wealthy paying enough tax ? Is is a common topic. Even if you taxed the super rich 99% , people such as Mark Zuckerberg  would still have more money than most of the population.

Where were you a few years ago ? I’m happier than I was 10 years ago. Good things take time. Over time, I have become wiser. But there is still plenty to learn. We can never know it all. You should be learning something everyday.

Wealth should be looked at in more than monetary terms. I’m glad I have a roof over my head. I’m wealthy because I have a loving family who support me. I know that they will support me regardless of the situation, Once again, that is piece of mind.

So, money can bring happiness in the form of piece of mind.

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