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Hello !

I’m Bryce, the Stay At Home Dad behind NZ Home Business & Positive Epilepsy. NZ Home Business is a blog about making an income from home , and I also look at the issues we all face daily. I also take a look at what is going on around the world…the things in the news !

The main reason I choose to be a Stay At Home Dad is my Epilepsy. I have lived with Epilepsy since puberty. But, I have turned that into a positive. It drove me to look for an income at home. I saw my future was in home business.

I have had the pleasure of seeing my two children grow up. As we know, some that work leave before their children are out of bed and arrive home after their children have gone to bed.

Being your own boss means you can carry out many roles, and develop new skills along the way. So, start your Home-Based Business and make it be a pathway to fulfill your desires.

While big businesses downsize and the internet makes communication easier, more and more Entrepreneurs are seeing the advantages of running a Home Business. Are you sick of the rat race ?   Then perhaps it’s time to look at other options. A Home Business means you can be working in your pajamas. It also means more time with family and friends.

So, here are some other reasons to have a Home Business.


Are you in the rat race and spending alot of time in the traffic going short distances ?
A Home Business means you can work when you want, at your pace, in your own home.

The Money You Make Is All Yours.

The harder you work, the more money you make. Your earning potential is all about you. It’s not about your salary / position. With Home Business, you are the CEO.

More Opportunities

There always seems to be some uncertainty with the economy. When was the last time you heard about the Global Financial Crisis . There always seems to be conversation about the next one. With Home Business , you are alot less vulnerable.


Home Businesses are alot cheaper to start. There is no need to be thinking about huge rent / lease bills. A home office is also cheaper to maintain.


There are a few advantages of a Home Business when it comes to tax. Your home and business are under one roof. Some home expenses can be looked upon as business expenses.

Time With Friends & Family

Wouldn’t it be nice to walk your children to school each morning and be there at the end of the school day. I can’t imagine leaving for work before the children get up and then getting home when they are already fast asleep.


The simple factor of been able to write your own schedule and timetable. You can do what you want when it suits you.

Professional Growth

A Home Business means you can develop experience in many areas. If you desire, you will have time for further education… And nothing beats experience.

Your Passions

Are you passionate about your day job ? How about making your passions and hobbies into something more. Your income can be coming from something you enjoy away from the business world.




To Your Success,




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