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I am a Stay at Home Dad. I have Complex Partial Epilepsy. This is part of the reason I am a Stay at Home Dad.I wish I hadn't had my Epilepsy since Puberty, but I'm also glad it isn't anything worse. I still have my 2 arms and 2 legs. Complex Partial Epilepsy isn't to bad. Most of the time I have 2-3 seizures a month. The longest I have been seizure free is 30 days.
So, my plans for the future ?
My Tertiary Studies were in the area's of Landscape Design. But, due to the Epilepsy I have never been able to have a drivers license, so that can be limiting. When you look at opportunities, no matter want sort of employment it is, employers state that an employee must have a drivers license. But, maybe someone can take you on your personal credentials not worry that one doesn't hold a license. If I could go back in time and plan my Tertiary Studies again, I would most likely study something in the lines of I.T / Web Design. The world has become so reliant on computers. People spend more and more time there everyday.
Epilepsy is something that the community really lack knowledge in as well. Many have ideas that are completely of the mark. I do enjoy been at home with my children. Been a parent is a pleasure. I do look forward to 2017 though, when both my children are at school and I can devote more time to business.
So, life is exciting and positive, but challenging as well.

Throughout this blog you will read about things that affect us all from day to day. You will also read about my life as a husband and father and my continued pursuit of financial success. 

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