Importing From China ….Is It Safe ?


Importing From China ….

This can be unsafe unless you know or have done research on the supplier. There are suppliers who will take your money and not send you what you ordered.You need legitimate products as well. There are knock -off products that are illegal to sell and buy. So, this is why you need to research every supplier before you purchase. There are some very good suppliers in China.

SaleHoo is an awesome tool for finding suppliers you can trust. Finding SaleHoo has really put my mind at ease. Before any supplier goes onto SaleHoo’s directory, they go through a verification process to see if they can be trusted.There are over 8000 suppliers in SaleHoo’s directory. These suppliers are in categories.

User reviews are helpful as well . Search for the supplier online.

It’s best to only deal with suppliers who have been selling for at least 2 years. What is their history ? Once again, look for reviews online. If a supplier doesn’t have good reviews online, it’s best to stare clear of them.

Make sure they exist. Part of doing this is researching their location. Does it even exist ?

Ask a supplier for samples. If they are legitimate, they should be happy to give samples. Don’t jump into buying huge lots of products. Start slowly.


So … to sum it up –

Research all suppliers before you use them. Can they be trusted ?

Are the products legitimate and good quality ?

Work with suppliers that have been in business for at least 2 years.

If they have been going for 2 years, it means they are pretty stable.

All the best in finding your suppliers !!!



 Check out SaleHoo Here

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