Is It Safe To Import From China ?


Let’s talk about whether it’s safe to import from China. I have a secret tool that helps you find safe suppliers. I will also be giving some other tips to point you in the right direction when it comes to Chinese suppliers.

Importing from China is not safe to do unless you know the supplier is trustworthy.There are suppliers out there that will just take your money and run and you won’t receive any stock. There are also some that don’t send legitimate products. You might receive knock off products instead. For this, you can be prosecuted, even if you don’t sell them because it is simply illegal to buy them. However, if you can verify that a supplier will send you stock that’s legitimate, then it’s perfectly safe to import from China. It’s just about doing your research.

SaleHoo is an awesome tool that helps you find Chinese suppliers that can be trusted. Before a supplier is added to the directory, SaleHoo goes through a verification process which verifies they can be trusted and are real.SaleHoo also shows user reviews. So, this means that suppliers have passed SaleHoo’s tests and also have the good user reviews. SaleHoo has provided me with a lot of information which makes me feel a lot more comfortable dealing with Chinese suppliers.


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So, here are a few tips when dealing with these suppliers. Only go near suppliers that have been selling products for over 2 years. Take a look at their history. Are there reviews for the supplier? Another good idea is to ask for samples first, and by small amounts first as well. If they have a website, check the details. How long has the website been up and running? Remember, we only want to deal with suppliers that have been running for 2 years. Also, check whether the physical location of these supplies exists.

So just sum things up, take a look how long the supplier has been running, see if they’re willing to supply samples, look for good reviews, and check for a physical location.

All the best towards your importing.


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