It’s a World For Both Sexes

World No 1 Womans Golfer Lydia Ko

World No 1 Womans Golfer Lydia Ko

I quite often hear it’s a man’s world. But from where I am sitting as a Stay At Home Dad, I don’t really agree with that. Woman have just as many choice’s available to them. For example, what career path they take. Do they want to work in Childcare, or be a Builder,Doctor, or Farmer. A man can work in Childcare, but can be frowned upon. The same as a Male Florist . If there happens to be a woman who is a Builder,Plumber,Electrician or maybe a Mechanic, they are likely to end up in the local paper. Let’s look at Primary School Education. In New Zealand, we really need more men teaching in Primary Schools. My wife is a teacher, and in the sixteen classrooms at her school , there is not one male teacher.

In our Parliament, there has been a push for it to be a 50/50 % split between men and woman. That’s a great idea, but shouldn’t this happen on credentials ? Did it even need to be a topic ? There’s a lot of attention about the need to have woman in CEO positions, or the number of woman in CEO positions. Woman should receive the same salary/pay as men, yes , of course. If someone is doing the same job, of course they should receive the same pay packet, regardless of their sex, height,weight or race. Years ago,woman were not allowed to work, and then didn’t receive equal pay, so we have come a long way.Let’s think Leadership on a larger scale. New Zealand had it’s first female Prime Minister in Jenny Shipley. Australia has had their first female Prime Minister in Julia Gillard. Will Hillary Clinton be America’s first female President ?

But, one area where we still have a way to go is sport. Take Golf for example. Woman don’t receive near as much money as men do.This is really sad. A man wins a major tournament and he can be paid something up to two million dollars. When a woman does the same,they may receive half a million. I guess this comes down to advertising, sponsorship, and viewers. But, the gap has become smaller in recent years in many sports. There is still a long way to go. I get some funny looks for been at kindergarten with my daughter. When we go to Mainly Music, myself and a friend are the only men there. You are missing out on the social circle of parenting.It would be good to have that. You sometimes get the feeling that some woman think you are there for more than just your daughter.That doesn’t bother me. I have some very good female friends as well. You make great friends when you have children. I was recently asked what I did with my time now that my daughter spends 9 hours a week at kindergarten. I found that rather amusing. Would they have asked a woman that question ?

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