Let’s INCREASE Online Sales

online sales


Here are some tips to help you start making those online sales


Regular updates are essential. Just because you have listings or a website, it doesn’t mean you will be generating sales. Updates are essential if you want your products found. Think about what products you are selling. Is there a demand for that product ? What keywords are you using ? What is your price ? One thing to remember is that you don’t have to be the cheapest to make the sales.

If using a website , you need it to look professional. If your website looks like it took 5 minutes to develop, then it isn’t going to get noticed. Will shoppers take your site seriously ?

Looking professional and offering value builds visitors trust and gives them a reason to return. This leads to loyalty. They will return and make more purchases.

Publish good content.Find a niche and try to get some authority. This improves credibility. Without content , you have nothing. Think about blog posts, videos, graphics ….GOOD, USEFUL INFORMATION.

Make Guest Posts. These are posts published on other websites and include links back to your site.

Take a look at what your competitors are doing. Where about’s are you ? Try to outrank them in the search engine. What are your competitors selling ?

Make the effort and take care of your customers. Thank them for their purchases. This will lead to good feedback, good reviews.

You could say the world revolves around Social Media these days. Most of us have some involvement. Build a following with the likes of Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Show your followers your updates and information can be shared. For example, Pinterest.

Social Media shows your business is up and running. Encourage people to post comments and ask questions. Keep your personal and business pages separate. You want to show that you mean business and what you are doing is more than just a hobby.





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