List Building

Something you often hear about with Online Business / Internet Marketing is List Building. This is something that puzzled me for many years. You may hear of people with a list of 50, 100, or maybe even 1000 people. When people are “on your list”, you are able to send them an email. You send an email to your list. The main reason to do this is to offer them a business opportunity. Maybe your is going to have a webinar, so you would send an email to your list inviting them. When you send these emails to your list, there is no guarantee that everyone on your list is going to purchase something or take the action you are suggesting. But, if say 10-20 % do, you should be happy.

So, how do you build a list ? There are several ways. If you are promoting a business with the likes of a Capture Page, then when they enter their information they can join your list. Maybe you have some useful information you can give away. A recent training, webinar full of useful information. Perhaps a PDF.

The 2 most common Autoresponders are Aweber & Get Response. This is where peoples info goes and this is where you send your emails to your list from. I have an Aweber account. I can go there and organize an email, and from there I can send it to my list.

Another thing you can do with these Autoresponders is organize a Follow Up Series. This is a series of emails that will go out over a period of time. The people on your list will receive an email maybe every day / every second day for as long as you want. Sometimes a week or 10 days.

There is a cost to Email Marketing. Some businesses allow a free account up to a certain number of subscribers. I am with Aweber because they are the most simple to use. They are the most popular. If you are receiving an email, it’s highly likely to be from an Aweber customer.

As I said, for a long time Email Marketing and List Building puzzled me. That was in my early days. List Building is now a big part of what I do online. If you aren’t List Building, I recommend you take action today.

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