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So you may be wondering what  this title is all about. It’s about how I feel about being a New Zealander.  As far as I’m concerned, we are very  lucky been  Kiwi’s ( New Zealander ) .  Why  you ask ? Friendliness and a can -do attitude top a list of traits that New Zealanders think reflect our identity and also mentioned by tourists.

Think about all the crazy things going on around the world at the moment. We hear about Donald Trump everyday. What has he said or tweeted so far this week ?  All of the North Korean dramas as well.  How long do you think it is going to go on for ? Terrorism has never reached New Zealand , so let’s hope it stays that way.


We all have crazy environmental things happening as well.  Are u a  believer of climate change ? I agree that things are changing over a very long period of time.  But, it still seems difficult to believe that humans are having such an impact on the  world.  I think we’re only really a small part of it. Yes, we need to make some changes, but this can’t be done overnight as some seem to think. Good things take time.

Climate change may be playing a role in all crazy disasters around the world. For example, the  floods, earthquakes ,tornados,   and perhaps even a small role in the fires. This is another example of how lucky we are in New Zealand. We don’t have the sorts of drama’s other countries have.

So, once again, I am very lucky being a New Zealander.  We are a small country of just over 4 and a half million people,  and we have not a lot of dramas compared to other countries.  It’s so safe here whether we are talking day or night.  Many tourists say that New Zealand is a very friendly and  easy going.

We have a beautiful country,  and this is part of the reason why tourism,  one of our biggest industries, continues to grow and grow.  We are very much a multicultural society,  with immigration being very big.  Immigration is a good thing but I think  New Zealand has gone too far with it.Over the last 12 months,  New Zealand has had about  70,000 immigrants. When you compare this to other countries, it is a HUGE numbers compared to our population.

I fully intend to see the rest of the world one day. I have been to Australia many times, but that is as far as I have been. So, one day, one day !!


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