Living Within A Budget




Living within a budget …  Is it something you do ?

It’s been said that once again, New Zealanders are not living within their means. In the year to March, household spending went up by just under 3 % . This must be encouraging to retailers. As we know there have been many changes to economies around the world. The drop in Dairy Prices has had an effect around the world. About 60% of New Zealand’s income comes from Dairy.

In the last year, New Zealanders have spent  more than they have earned.  This just doesn’t make sense. I don’t understand how one would do it. It’s unbelievable some of the credit card statistics. This type of spending has risen again and again during the last few months.

There has been a change in spending since the Global Financial Crisis. New Zealand was doing very well for some time. New Zealander were saving more than they were spending. But this behavior has now ended. Spending has picked picked up. But, as we all know, if one is spending more than they are earning, it takes things out of balance. It just doesn’t work.


In the year to September 2105, retail spending was up just under 5 % on average. There are some area’s , such as Auckland, that spending rose even more. There has been a lot of news about Houses. Prices have risen and interest rates have dropped.  The deposit required is mostly 20% , with a few 10 % possibilities. This means it’s very tough for first home buyers.

There has been a few cars brought as well. Vehicles are such a waste of money. When one purchases a new vehicle, it losing value as soon as you drive it away.


I can understand why people want higher wages. Wouldn’t we all like a few more dollars ? Our minimum wage could perhaps be higher. I believe it’s currently $14.75 an hour. Some in politics have called for New Zealand to be on par with Australia. They currently sit at $17.29. That’s all well and good , but businesses need to be able to pay wages. A rise in minimum wage can lead to people losing jobs.

It sometimes seems that people are never satisfied. Even if the wage does go up, some will still want more. One has to ask if some spend money on things that are unnecessary.

Sorry if this article has seems negative, but constant whinging can be very annoying. 





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