Are You Making Money Online ? Let’s Build Our Readers Trust

making money online

So, are you making money online ? Do you have some dedicated readers ? Do your readers trust you. There’s a few questions to ask yourself.

It’s always satisfying and encouraging to see that readers are taking action, but is this creating income ?

Making money online doesn’t happen overnight…. But it does happen. It takes time to get the right things in place . Lets look at what we need to have in place and the tools that help us do this.

A relationship with readers is essential. You need to earn the trust of your readers. It’s not just about writing articles and making money. You can place banners around your site, but does that mean people will click on them and take action. I’m afraid not….

In Affilorama, successful affiliate Mark Ling mentioned that he doubled his income by removing banners and putting opt-in forms in place. Email marketing is what builds trust.If they continue to read your blog posts, they will begin to trust you. As mentioned earlier, good things take time. We all like things that are free. So, offering freebies is a great way to build trust.

Through AffiloJetpack, a 49 page ebook is avaliable. This is a way to get people to complete opt-in forms. Give people more than they expect and they will begin to trust you. They will see there is a good person behind it , one that isn’t just after their money.

When readers receive just emails selling products, they will feel used. Put yourself in their shoes. I’m sure your a reader yourself.How does this make you feel ? You can send some hard-sell emails, but for every one you do send, send 3-4 soft-sells. This is part of building that relationship.

Soft-sell emails can just be articles with a product recommendation to go with it. If readers receive these type, then they will be not so suspicious when they are marketed to.

So, remember…

– Good things take time

– Earn Your Readers trust

– Often them something for free



Readers Trust

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