ONLINE ………..It’s The Place To Be


The world has and is undergoing a revolution. Technology increases everyday and we are truly online. Have you been in front of your Computer today ? Or maybe you have used your iPad or Tablet ? It’s also hard to find someone without a Mobile Phone in their pocket. It’s so often in the media, the public’s addiction to their Mobiles. I live with someone who works very hard, but when it’s time to relax, she is often using her mobile. She says playing games is a way to relax .Hmmm, doesn’t really make complete sense to me.

If your business isn’t online, you are missing out. When you need a service, do you go to Google, or pick up the traditional Phone Book ? E-Commerce is increasing like crazy. This is all around the world.

  • Do you purchase online ?  
  • If so,what do you purchase ?
  • How often ?
  • How much do you spend ?                                                                                                                 

Better prices can be found with a bit of research. Where do you turn for your research ? ONLINE !!

Imagine if you had a way to make a profit from these better prices. Imagine selling a product for $10 more than you have to purchase it for. There would be no need to purchase before the sale is made either. SOUND EXCITING ?

Shopping online is convenient as well. You can browse and make these purchases from the comfort of your own home. But we all should get out of the house on a regular basis. Exercise is a major issue this days isn’t it.  So, take a walk around the Shops / Shopping Mall.

How are products priced ? Are they cheaper online ?

Maybe it’s your time to capitalize .  The growth in these industries is unbelievable and there is no sign it is going to slow down.

INFINii can help you do that. INFINii members have reached over 25 million dollars in sales. What I like about E-Commerce is there is no need for it to be in any area. It’s a good idea to find a niche that you know will bring customers, but it’s up to you to make those decisions. There are thousands of products available. One thing to think about  is the time of year . What season are we currently in ? Are we approaching a time were people will definitely be making more purchases ? EG – Christmas.



Online is definitely the place to be !!!!




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  1. Bryce on March 3, 2016 at 8:06 pm

    Thank you Danielle 🙂

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