It’s a Screwed Up World We Live In ( at the moment anyway )

Isn’t the World screwed up at the moment !!  Where do I start… OK, U.S Politics.  Now I know I’m not an expert, but here in N.Z we hear about it everyday. It’s something I see amongst my Facebook friends as well.  There are some keen on Trump and their are some keen for Clinton. There are also some that aren’t keen on either. I can fully understand that. U.S Politics is more like a T.V drama series…straight out of Hollywood. We tell our children to treat each other kindly, how they would like to be treated. That’s a different story to politics I know, but I don’t really see a need for such childish behavior. I don’t fully understand Clinton’s email drama. I still don’t really see Trump as a Politician. Yes, he is a successful businessman, but does that qualify you to lead such a country ?

ISIS seems to claim responsibility for alot of the things that happen around the world don’t they. How big are they. ? You wonder how long they can continue with the rest of the world against them. Let’s hope not long

How often do you here the term “Globalization” ?

Globalization : the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale.



There seems to be someone shot everyday lately. Here in N.Z we have even had a couple of shootings involving the Police in the last couple of weeks. But nothing on the same sort of scale as in the U.S .  At times like this, I realize how lucky I am to live in New Zealand. Let’s hope that when they get their new President some tougher firearm rules are put in place. It’s so hard to belief people walking around the street with a gun. It’s just insane. A couple of those recent shooters in the U.S were formerly in the military as well. 🙁


screwed up world


So, now to New Zealand. All what we hear about lately here is housing prices. In our biggest fastest growing city ( Auckland) , the average house price is pretty much one million dollars. These prices continue to rise and it’s had an effect on the rest of the country as well. The government is taking all possible steps to build as many houses as quickly as possible.



Homeless people has become something often in the media. Yes, there may be some homeless people, but the media always make things seem bigger than they really are. People need to take more responsibility for themselves. You are your own responsibility. You are not the governments responsibility. It’s up to you what you do with yourself and your family. It’s up to you how big your family is. Some countries have had child number limits, some still do. I completely agree with that. A four person family means that the population isn’t increases. The children are simply taking place of the parents. But there are many 3-4 children families. My wife and I both have 2 siblings.

It seems that people want to blame someone else for everything.  I think so many of these issues come back to how we are brought up. If we bring our children up right, then they will head in the right direction, make the right decisions. I take full responsibility for my children.

OK…. I have said enough.   I have got it all off my chest 🙂



Bryce Rae


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  1. Fabiola Rodriguez on July 22, 2016 at 2:28 am

    Seems like everyone needs to vent a little these days! Honestly, I need to vent too. I have a lot of personal stuff that I’m going through but I notice that there seems to be a high level of craziness going on the world lately. I recently read an article on Medium where the author suggested a do-over of this year, and I totally support the idea! I know there’s still a long way to go, but I can’t wait for 2016 to be over.

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