Surviving A Sales Slump

Christmas Sales


Sales Slump  ?

A slump on sales can have a huge effect on business. Different parts of the year mean very different results. For example, think about December. Everyone is spending money, all around the world. But, like most things that go up, they also have to eventually go down. After sales have reached their peak, there is a possibility of a sales slump.

Every business has sales slumps at some stage. So, think about January. Everyone has spent their money over Christmas. Summer can be a time that E-Commerce can slow. People are outdoors during summer. Less time is spent in front of the computers. With the mentioning of Summer, seasons must be taken into account in business. What sort of products are people going to be looking for in the winter or summer ? Maybe in summer purchases for around the swimming pool are made. What about BBQ equipment ?

When you make sales, it is a good indication as to what is in demand. If something has sold once, perhaps you will sell more. It may pay to keep it in stock. Make sure it is available.

Bundles are a way to sell more and make profit. If a customer makes a purchase, what did they buy ? What do you have that they may return and purchase. For example, maybe a BBQ was purchased. Perhaps they will return and purchase BBQ tools.

A new customer is great. But a repeat customer is even more exciting. So it’s very important to make sure they receive their product. Thank them for their purchase as well.We all appreciate hearing / reading a thank you.

So, try not to end up brokenhearted. If you keep marketing, sales should return. Think about what you are selling, how much you are charging and how you have things listed. You can always change descriptions and prices. One thing I have learnt is that it is not always the cheapest offer that sells. It’s about the products that are found.

So, keep at it !!!


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