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Reasons Social Media Is So Important

Marketing continues to change since the introduction of Social Media.  Now we have easy and powerful ways to share content all over the world. As we know, many use Social Media for personal reasons. Many like to show what they have been up to. But if one in business is not using Social Media, they…

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A Few Tips For Your Website

It seems like everyone has a website these days. That’s why you need to do a bit more to get a online presence. A good goal is to establish some kind of authority. Try and develop a following and give readers a reason to return. It can take some time, but once you achieve it…

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Business………..MUST BE ONLINE !!!

  Recently , I heard that in New Zealand only 50% of businesses have an online presence.I found that very hard to believe. It’s a lot easier to jump on the computer than reach for the phone book, and even if I do, I still like to find a website. Net Advertising is becoming the…

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