The NZ Flag ……5 Hours Later

NZ Flag

So, following on from the last post. The 4 Flags to go into the first referendum have been announced early today. 





I’m pretty excited by these. I mentioned 2 of these designs as my favourites in the earlier post. So, bring on the referendum.



  1. Anita on September 5, 2015 at 8:38 am

    Bryce, I have read so much online about this- it has become a hot potato. Here my thoughts. You can use them if you like.

    I realise people find change hard to accept- As a dutch/kiwi ( spent 30 years down under) I can tell you that Europeans think NZ is part of Australia – because the flag is the same. I know it isn’t, you know it isn’t but to the uninitiated – it is.

    People make a nation – not the flag. To say that soldiers fought FOR the flag- that is wrong, you sell them short with that statement. Soldiers fought UNDER the flag FOR the people of Aotearoa. Whether the flag was purple, orange of polkadotted.

    So think with your head – discover what makes you a kiwi and then choose a flag most fitting the image you wish to portray.

    Me, seeing these 4 are the options- I would go for number 2 or number 1. In that order. Let’s face it – NZ is still part of the Commonwealth and there is no shame in that. Be proud – be KIWI.

    • Bryce on September 5, 2015 at 7:18 pm

      Some very good points Anita.
      Yes, it has become a very hot potato.
      Mr Key ( Prime Minister ) has said we need a flag that we get more rah -rah about.
      He’s right. A flag to take to the sport and wave around.

      As I said, the main problem is people fear change, whatever it is.
      People are even scared to change the colour of their underwear.

      Thanks Anita 🙂

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