What does the word “Normal” mean ?
That word has always bothered me. If people are referred to as “Normal”, what exactly does this mean ? Does this mean they are all the same as everyone else ? The same in what way ? If everyone was exactly the same, wouldn’t it be a pretty boring world ? Some think as “Normal” as the way people look, or the way people behave. Some people with Epilepsy may say they wish they were “Normal”, like everyone else. Perhaps what they are really trying to say is they wish they didn’t have Epilepsy. Yes, of course that would be the case. I have those feelings myself. But, we all have things different about ourselves. You are you, and no one else is. These things are what makes us special.
Are you a man or a woman ? It doesn’t matter which you are. Are you over 6 foot tall or below 5 foot. A have a few friends who as partners are very opposite when it comes to height.But, who cares !! If they are in love, good on them.
Do you have Normal Days ? Whatever a “Normal Day” would be…
3 days of my week are pretty much always the same. These days are all about taking my son to school and my daughter to kindergarten, coming home for a few hours by myself. I then pick my daughter up. We come home for lunch and keep busy for the afternoon, before my son finishes school. My kids then fill in the time after school. I prepare dinner, spending some more time with them. Next thing ya know, my wife arrives home from work, and then it’s dinner time.

So, maybe the word “Normal” has a use. As long as it is not used in regards to a person.

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