YouTube – Reasons Why Everyone Is Doing It




So, YouTube………

How often do you visit ? Everyone is on YouTube. It’s full of information, whether you are looking for fitness ideas, trying to build ( anything ) , or if you want to watch your favorite musicians. You name it, it’s on YouTube.

I never really paid much attention to YouTube in the past. But, with it been the 3rd most popular place online, it’s crazy not to be using it. I have started to produce some videos. It just makes sense when trying to promote business.

So, here are some facts that show how much of an influence YouTube has…

  • YouTube was launched in February¬†2005
  • YouTube is the 3rd most visited website
  • YouTube has 1.3 billion users
  • About 5 billion videos are watched everyday.
  • 300 Hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • 80% of YouTube views are OUTSIDE THE U.S
  • More than half of YouTube views are from mobile devices.
  • You can navigate YouTube in Many different languages. This covers 95% of people online.
  • 900 million hours are watched every month.

Some of those figures seem hard to believe !!!

Enjoy those videos !!!


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