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How often are you visiting YouTube ? If you have an online business or any business for that matter , it’s critical that you are using video.  I’m sure you’ll often use video to find information,  whether it’s to do with news,music, sport, fitness or simply something around the house.

It took me a long time to pay much attention to YouTube and how much influence it could have on my online activities. But I now realise what I was missing out on.

  • YouTube was launched Early 2005
  • YouTube as the third most visited website
  • YouTube has over 1.3 billion users
  • About 5 billion videos are watched every day
  • 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube Every Minute
  • 80% of YouTube views are outside the US
  • More than half of YouTube views are from mobile devices
  • 900 million hours are watched every month

Video is now much more likely to appear when doing a google search. Video is so important when it comes to the likes of marketing. Most people, most businesses would testify to that. It’s very important that YouTube videos are not too long. 30 seconds to 3 minutes is a good target. You want to get your message across but not  bore  people.  It’s pretty likely that people will leave a video after about 20 seconds if they decide they are not interested. I’m sure this is something you do yourself.

Video is a much better way of explaining things, following instructions or tutorials.  Video is great to create a story for people to follow.  If you’re in the marketing game, video should be your focus. When people are watching a video,  they are less likely to identify that they are perhaps being sold to.


Even though some videos may look complicated,  creating all video is not.  Yes, you can use some technical equipment,  but video can be made just by sitting in front of your laptop,  or looking in towards your mobile.

Are you a blogger ?  If so, it’s a great idea to add a video to each post. This will help feature more strongly in the search engines , and gives your viewers a chance to listen and read.


I like to invite you to join a Facebook group I have recently created.  YouTube video sharing.

youtube video sharing

Once a day you can post a link to a video  As a member you will share other peoples videos via Twitter, Pinterest or  Google Plus. If everybody does their bit and participate, then everyone can get something out of it.  There are many Facebook YouTube groups where people are just looking for subscriptions. 


Yes, subscriptions are a part of having a YouTube channel, but I think it is much more effective to be sharing videos.

So come join me at YouTube Video Sharing.  The group is young at this stage.  But,  HEY !!!    All groups start from zero members.                               

Onwards & Upwards !!

To Your Success,


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