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So, Zero Hour Contracts ?
How many hours does your contract say ? Your current employment may not talk about hours if you are at the stage of your career where you are on a salary. But, if you are being paid a wage, how many hours a week are you working ? Is it the same every week ? Are you guaranteed a certain number of hours per week ?
If you are willing to sign a contract that doesn’t guarantee you a certain number of hours, I don’t see a problem with it. I would do it.
It’s up to each individual. Everyone situation is different.
There is a huge difference between a 20 year old seeking full time work and a 60 yr old who is just a few years off retirement.Some people may just want a few hours of work to fill in some time , get away from home. I think “agreement” is a very good word. If you can come to an agreement with your employer about certain things,it should stay that way. For example, if you are guaranteed 15 hours a week, you should get your 15 hours every week.
There is no need to to be physically “waiting by the phone” for a call to come to work. We are in 2015. We can nearly say EVERYONE has a mobile phone.
I do agree that a person shouldn’t be sent home half way through a shift. If they are, they should be paid for the whole shift that was planned.
Its pretty disgusting to hear that some employees at service stations received no wages at all when drivers drove off without paying.
There is only so much they can do.
Things seem to be all for the employer. Yes, it can be tough for the employee. People need jobs, we all have bills. But, without businesses, there are no jobs. If things are stacked against businesses/employers, then the only way they are going to go is down. This leads to less people employed. This makes me think of landlords. Many things are against them. Even if one is to have a tenant that behaves in the worst way, they still have somewhat the right of way. They have so many weeks to get out and they can get away with the damage they may have done to the home.
Everyone needs to have the right attitude. An attitude where they are wanting and willing to up-skill. People should be thinking long term. Where do they see themselves in 5 years ? 10 years …20 years.
If you own your own home with a 30 yr mortgage, how could you have that paid off in 15 – 20 years.
Yes, a zero hour contract may be tough for some. But it’s their choice to take it on. With the right attitude people can find what they want and get to where they want to be.



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